BIMscript® scales creation of
BIM objects

As a world first, BIMscript generates native, intelligent BIM objects in a number of formats compatible with the most popular BIM applications.

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What is BIMscript®?

We developed the scripting language BIMscript to give users the right tools for the creation of parametric BIM objects. The BIMscript plugin works as an authoring app for the 3D modeler system Rhinoceros, which in turn generates BIM objects. BIMscript offers a smooth transition from mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects in cloud-based environments.

Powerful scripting language

BIMscript is as powerful a scripting language as they come. It includes not only parametric behaviors, but calculations and product logic as well. Of course, BIMscript also provides LOD (Level of Detail) with several levels of geometric complexity and combinations alongside a whole range of other properties and attributes.

BIMscript, the solution to the future

File Formats

With one product model, create numerous file formats like Revit, Sketchup, Archicad, Vectorworks and others with our BIMscript technology.

Future Proof

Once the digital formats are created, it just takes a simple regeneration to update all your PIM into your digital content, making the BIMobject Cloud the single source of truth.

Free Accreditation

Simply download our plugin to start your journey into the BIMscript future.

Advantages of using BIMscript®

Cloud Based

BIMscript is directly connected to the BIMobject Cloud, which guarantees seamless transitions and an industrial workflow when you publish the BIM objects you have created.


The business model is the perfect fit for smaller developers. Needing only one license for Rhinoceros (64-bit) and BIMobject, you'll be able to develop multi-usable content with rich properties in a wide variety of languages.


BIMscript lets you build BIM objects for the industry's most popular standards: ArchiCAD, Revit, and SketchUp as well as IFC, DWG, and 3DS. New formats are added continuously.

Become an Accredited


Learn on your own time and will. Take the E-Learning course and be accredited in a matter of hours.  


Join us at the BIMscript Academy, our exclusive classes where you can get accredited to use BIMscript.

Participants learn how to master BIMscript for Rhino in seminars taught by BIMobject experts.

Digital content development

Give your developers the right tools to create parametric BIM objects, from a product catalog into a digital haven.

Manufacturers can make their products available in multiple digital formats to be compatible with popular software (Revit, Sketchup, Archicad, Vectorworks and others) used in the AEC industry.

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