Download BIMscript 3.1

The plugin and the language now both just go by BIMscript – faster to say, just like working with it. Let me give you a quick overview of the new features:

New parameter user interface
You don't have to copy/paste the code to create parameters anymore. A user interface takes care of that!

Material groups
Creating an object with material and geometry choices can become quite complex. We decided to create material groups to make it easier. Instead of applying a single material to geometry, you can now apply several at once for simpler script creation!

Range parameters
Until now, your content creation was limited to discrete parameters – set value parameters. With the updated version, you’ll be able to define a number parameter that the user can specify within a set range also.

Use BIMscript to create extrusions of 2D profiles and design windows, doors, and other products that benefit from extrusions.

You can attach range parameters to scaling*, rotation, and move actions for geometries and extrusions. *Scaling only for extrusions and cubes.

Add cube
The cube feature allows you to add a one-by-one-by-one cube to your product. That cube can then be scaled, moved, and rotated with transformations.

Formulae and calculations
This feature lets you more advanced calculations to control geometries in your model. For example, you can take a range parameter, divide it with a default extrusion height, and then use the result to scale the extrusion.

From now on, anyone with a BIMobject account can try the plugin. If you’d like to create files, you need an accreditation with us. Read the accreditation section to learn more about how to get accredited.

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